Google's Toy Story


A patent filed by Google in 2012 for an “anthropomorphic device” A.K.A your cuddly teddy or doll with human-like intelligence has been granted. It could be your ‘Toy Story’ fantasy come true or possibly your worst nightmare.

The toys "may be configured to control one or more media devices." Special cameras and microphones will enable them to make eye contact with you, change their facial expressions, respond to your commands and talk to you.

Your teddy will gradually learn your movements and habits and be able to hang out with you. You’ll be able to snuggle up and ask for weather forecasts and channel changes on your television. Try teaching a Furby to do THAT.

Privacy might be an issue depending on how much you trust your teddy and you’ll have to think through how you feel about your artificially intelligent soft toy playing with children. Probably best to discuss it with your teddy first.