What You Didn't Know About Sleep & How To Do It Better [Infographic]


If you’re anything like me, getting to bed at a reasonable hour is always a struggle, as is waking up and worse – actually getting out of bed.

I’m usually having a bizarre dream which is interrupted by one of my 15 different alarms which has left me dazed and confused, not to mention the daunting task of figuring out what to wear when my doona is the only thing I want to wrap myself in. (Sidebar: Can we make sleeping bag suits acceptable workwear? It even has pockets for your Opal card. Anyone with me?)

When I was told that it’s National Sleep Week, which promotes the importance of sleep as a fundamental pillar of good health, I figured, what better time to re-evaluate why we’re not getting enough sleep and how it’s affecting us, long and short term.

Because we’re data lovers, we’ve collected the stats and created an infographic of all the things you should know about sleep and what you can be doing to improve your sleep each and every night and fingers crossed, make waking up slightly easier

Sleep awareness week loves data infographic stats and facts about sleep and how to sleep better

Read more about the importance of sleep and how to do it better at Sleep Health Foundation.

What helps you get quality sleep? Let us know in the comments section so that we can copy you!