Loves Data Loves 7 September 2015


A busy week has passed and an even busier one it already rushing down the pipeline. Tighten the straps on your lifejacket! Here we go!

Analytics Conference Week Australia

Australia’s premier annual Analytics Conference presented by Loves Data in conjunction with Google Inc and top speakers from here and around the world, kicks off with the first Masterclass tomorrow, Tuesday, in Sydney, before moving onto Melbourne Thursday.

Digital Careers Book Launch

It’s the fourth annual Analytics Conference for Loves Data and this year’s is extra special for CEO, Benjamin Mangold. His brand new book Learning Google AdWords and Google Analytics is being launched at the conference. Check it out on Amazon!

Algorithm On The Go

Google has announced an update to its mobile search algorithm. Websites using full-page interstitials to promote app downloads will no longer be considered mobile friendly. Google suggests replacing content blocking interstitials with less intrusive banner ads.

Flash Fades Out

On 1 September, 2015 Chrome started auto pausing all Flash based advertising citing security and stability issues. Mobile browsing growth means Chrome now occupies a 45-50% share of all browser usage.

Google AdWords Updates

Google AdWords had a busy week announcing the arrival of native Gmail ads to everyone on the AdWords platform as well as the addition of TrueView Ads to the core AdWords interface. No more jumping back and forth when reporting or optimising!

Apple Announcements

Apple has a media event scheduled for 9 September 2015 in Cupertino. In the great tradition of Steve Jobs it’s likely a new generation iPhone (likely called 6S) will be unveiled along with updates to Apple TV and iPad Mini, and more on iOS 9 and watch iOS 2. There are also rumours circulating that a new addition to the iPad family might be about to make an appearance.