Livestream Your Own Videos


Twitter’s app Periscope allows users to watch and/or create their own livestream videos for broadcasting and sharing live. What seemed like a gamble for Twitter is already paying off massively. Over 10 million active accounts signed up in its first four months. Periscope is overtaking competitor Meerkat and has rewritten Twitter’s record book – Twitter took over two years to reach 10 million followers but that was 10 years ago! You might be familiar with watching livestream events on your phone, tablet or desktop but maybe haven’t tried creating and livestreaming your own videos yet. It’s a brand new trend which really only started in March this year at SXSW where Meerkat was demonstrated. Periscope launched in early May.

Once you’ve downloaded Periscope or Meekat app from the App Store you can create and broadcast your own videos in a few quick and easy steps – confirm your audience and geo location sharing, start shooting and you’re going out live! Interaction with followers is also made easy with familiar systems of tapping hearts for ‘likes’ and direct messaging. Video replays are also possible for 24 hours.

Amongst the challenges of livestreaming apps such as Periscope and Meerkat seems to be the challenge of creating your video around an event or something interesting and getting people to see and share it without the benefit of scheduling. Sharing livestream video of birthdays, weddings and other events with people who can’t attend in person might be a starting point.

It’s still early days. Livestreaming video may be another addition to the rise of mobile following the boost Google gave it in May with its mobile friendly update. Facebook has also announced live streaming from its celebrity accounts this month.