Loves Data Loves 12 October 2015


Being More Social

Facebook is getting more emotional nuance with new emoji buttons being tested. The six new buttons can convey sympathy and anger in a less ambiguous manner than the traditional ‘like’ button.

Twitter is rolling out its new ‘Moments’ feature (nicknamed Project Lightning). Users will now get a list of the biggest stories of the day by clicking on the lightning bolt icon in the menu.

Amazon re:Invent

Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced a slew of new products and services at their AWS re:Invent conference. New goodies include business analytics app QuickSight, data transfer services Kinesis Firehouse and Snowball, as well as AWS IoT which will allow users to transfer data from non-traditional devices such as light bulbs.

Microsoft Adds Hardware

Microsoft took another step to being a full-fledged hardware producer this week, announcing its very first laptop, the Surface Book. A convertible device from laptop to tablet, it’s promising a whole new way to compute.

Google Accelerates Mobile

Google unveiled Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) this week in an effort to speed up the mobile web and stay competitive in a world of changing browsing behaviour. This won’t be the first time Google has committed itself to a faster mobile web, with recent changes to its search algorithm rewarding faster loading, mobile friendly pages. The new AMP will be freely available to content creators.

Instagram's 5th Birthday

Instagram has celebrated its fifth birthday! The app was officially launched on October 6, 2010. It now boasts over 400 million active monthly users (including us). We’re kicking off our first Loves Data Instagram for Business free After Hours in Sydney on 25 November.