Loves Data Loves 14 September 2015


Awesome Analytics Conference Week last week but now it’s time to catch up on the world of digital marketing again. Your two minutes starts now!

‘Learning Google AdWords and Google Analytics’ book launched

If you missed it at the conference or didn’t make it to the conference, don’t worry. ‘Learning Google AdWords and Google Analytics’ by Benjamin Mangold is available for purchase online. A practical and inspirational book that will advance, launch and enhance digital careers and skills.

His keynote at the conference reflected his passion for sharing knowledge and experience, encouraging people pursuing digital careers to put aside preconceived ideas and play and experiment with analytics, code, kits, data visualisation and anything else that takes their fancy.

Analytics Conference 2015 – Wrap Up

Analytics Conference Week 2015, 8-11 September, Sydney and Melbourne, is now well and truly on the international online marketing calendar as a major event in interaction, education and inspiration.

New technical and non-technical masterclass prequels to the conference were launched in Sydney and Melbourne. Followed by an all-star line-up of speakers at the conference. MC Lawrence Leung given the gig by longtime fan Benjamin Mangold, helped make it a very happy experience.

Analytics Conference 2015 speakers included the Godfather of Analytics, Jim Sterne, from the USA, brilliant and highly adaptive Simo Ahava from Finland, data visualisation mentor Lea Pica from the USA, Carey Wilkins, USA, an expert on analytics business operations, Tim Wilson, USA, on how to communicate analytics, Krista Seiden and Mike Kwong from Google Headquarters, Mountain View, California, and Benjamin Mangold who turned his presentation into a keynote on digital careers.

If you’re still reeling and trying to absorb content, check out our summaries on themes and takeaways from the Conference.

Instagram Advertising Launch

After months of teasing us with testing and then releasing the API, Instagram has announced advertising on Instagram will become available to all business across over 30 countries on 30 September 2015.

Instagram will leverage Facebook’s ads infrastructure, making it easier for advertisers on Instagram to target and reach people based on their interests.

Facebook Updates Pages

Only a few weeks after introducing messaging for businesses using Facebook Pages, the big friendly giant is upgrading Pages themselves. Brand new features include a new and more prominent call-to-action button, the ability to add new, more relevant sections to Pages, and a new mobile layout so information is easier to find!