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Instagram Advertising API

Instagram’s 300 million followers (100% increase in 3 years) are now regularly being served advertising following the launch of Instagram's API and partnership with Hootsuite last week.

Businesses can now advertise programmatically on Instagram using the API to target and filter their audiences by location and demographics, and by ‘interest’ and ‘likes’ criteria before the end of of this year.

Red Cross Australia’s ‘Give Blood. Get A Biscuit’ @redcrossbloodau is nicely pitched for advertising on Instagram with celebrity chefs key influencers such as @donna.hay and @chefmattmoran.


Google Starts with ‘A’ for Alphabet

Only Google, a company that is “not a conventional company” could succeed with a takeover from the inside with last week’s announcement that Google is a wholly-owned subsidiary of new entity Alphabet ( headed by Larry Page, Google Co-Founder and current Google CEO.

Alphabet, as the name suggests, opens up even more scope for an even longer list of new ventures such as Self-Driving Cars, YouTube, Chrome, Android, Life Sciences (that works on the glucose-sensing contact lens), and Calico (focused on longevity) etc.

Adobe and PageFair Release AdBlocking Report

Adobe and PageFair released their 2015 report on adblocking last week with over 16% of US adults having installed the software on their browsers with growth rates up more than 45% compared to last year. Publisher sites with younger tech savvy audiences are particularly vulnerable with 57% of millennials using ad blocking software.

Facebook’s Business Hot Topics and New Patent

Facebook for Business has released Australia’s hottest topics in July ‘science’ and ‘space’ were popular with ‘Pluto’ generating lots of interest. Aussies also showed their love of tech brands with Uber ice cream, Windows 10 and Apple Music all having their day in the sun.

Facebook filed a controversial patent last week to allow lenders to check the credit scores of Facebook friends of a loan applicant. Privacy issues aside, puts a whole new value on ‘friends’.

Learn To Love Social Media Advertising

Loves Data is finalising its ‘Advertising Online 101: Social (NEW)’ training course scheduled for 26 October 2015 at the UNSW CBD Campus, Sydney. We would love to have your feedback! What would you like to see in this course? What about social media advertising do you want to find more about? Leave your suggestions in the comments.