Loves Data Loves 21 September 2015


Australia’s new Prime Minister has highlighted the need for agility and innovation for economic growth. We’re doing our bit, read on.

Google Glass Aura

Google Glass has a new name and a new champion with Ivy Ross (previously of joining the team. Google Glass is now Project Aura! No detail yet but definitely an aura around this amazing device’s future.

Facebook – New Empathy Button

Mark Zuckerberg has revealed Facebook is working on a new button to convey empathy in addition to ‘likes’, ‘comments’ and ‘shares’. It’s not going to be the much reported ‘Dislike’ button – more likely to be a ‘Sorry’ button, allowing people to express how they feel more fully.

iOS 9 Becomes Available

Much anticipated iOS 9 became available to iPhones and iPads this week, with ad blocking apps quickly rising to the top of the App Store. Having just become available to customers, adoption number are still in flux. Stay tuned for more updates and analysis on the current state of online advertising.

New Book Launches Digital Careers

Loves Data’s CEO, Benjamin Mangold’s book ‘Learning Google AdWords and Google Analytics’ is his latest effort to help address skills shortages and lack of professional development opportunities hampering the growth of digital economies and careers.

“One of the things I did when I started getting seriously involved in online marketing around six years ago was to design and present Google AdWords and Analytics courses,” says Benjamin. “My book shares the lessons I’ve learned running campaigns and presenting training.”

“People were coming up to me at the Conference wanting me to sign my book for them,” Benjamin says with more than a hint of satisfaction. “They were saying things like ‘Your training launched my career’ and ‘I got my first job in digital happened because of your training.’ Hearing this is incredibly motivating!”

Have you grabbed your copy yet? The book is available in print and online.