Loves Data Loves on 10 August


Digital marketing continues to develop at dizzying speed. Get ready for your two-minute update. Your time starts now!

Consumers Choose Online Entertainment

Sharply lower US media company stock prices across the board last week reflect the shift by consumers to online entertainment. Disney led the way with financial reports underlining the trend away from traditional media companies to greater entertainment choices online. The popularity of YouTube and Netflix highlight the trend.

Google AdWords Made Easier

In moves promising to make monthly reporting more informative and easier to process, a new Report Editor for Google AdWords has been rolled out. Google’s new pathways for creating display campaigns and updates to the AdWords App on Android also make billing and analysing on-the-go easier.

Facebook Private Messaging

Facebook’s new private messaging features for Pages allows ‘Send Message’ to be included as a call to action in local ads. This new feature allows users to message businesses as well as allowing businesses to reply to user comments via private message.

Pages will also now feature a responsiveness badge for businesses that meet the criteria of 90% response rate and less than 5 minute average response time. New features such as message templates are also being introduced to improve message management and response times.

Google Search Analytics API

Google introduced Search Analytics API last week following the success of Search Analytics in the Search Console. The new API should help us integrate new data into our tools and reports to give us even more information and insights into site performances in Google Search.

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