Loves Data Loves on 19 October


Last week was bumpy with bad news from Twitter, amazing success for Microsoft and a step into the spotlight for our CEO’s new book. We’re here to keep you up with the latest – your weekly two minute update is coming up now.

Twitter's Bad News

Twitter experienced a bad week with rumours of layoffs becoming a reality. The company is poised to lose over 8% of its workforce amid continued concerns about profitability. Internal restructuring is continuing with more details and updates set for 27 October when Twitter’s financial results are released.

Bing Busts a Move

Bing Ads has rolled out remarketing to all advertisers, who will now able to retarget users through shopping and search campaigns. This project has been underway for some time now, however it’s an important step up for Bing if they want to continue gaining ground against rival search engine Google. Bing currently has 20% of the US search market.

Netflix Misses Mark

Netflix the disruptive technology darling is on the outer this week. Its stock price tumbled over 10% following the announcement that it missed US subscriber growth targets. Probably only a bump in the road though for Netflix as its international growth appears stronger than expected.

Microsoft ‘Surface Book’ Success

Pre-orders for all versions of Microsoft’s new ‘Surface Book’ (announced at the beginning of the month) sold out within five days of opening! Microsoft plans to have some Surface Books available in stores when the product officially launches on October 26.

BlackBerry’s Bet

BlackBerry CEO John Chen recently hinted BlackBerry may exit the handset business if his company is not able to sell five million units annually. BlackBerry remains popular with high security institutions such as hospitals and government. Consumer markets however are a completely different story. Blackberry’s new ‘Priv’ device, launches before the end of this year. It will feature the Android operating system.

Loves Data CEO’s book

Google’s official Analytics Blog is featuring ‘Learning Google AdWords and Google Analytics’ by Benjamin Mangold, CEO, Loves Data. The book is getting traction as a ‘go to guide’ for professionals as well as a textbook for those seeking an in-depth learning experience.