Loves Data Loves on 2 November


Another busy week barreling ahead towards the end of the year! Here’s two minutes of updates to catch you up on what’s been happening in digital marketing.

Apple’s Best Year

Apple’s had some good news this week announcing that it’s had the best year ever. The world's biggest company reported a year-over-year increase of 99% on iPhone sales in China, putting to rest any rumours that the country’s weakened economy might be hurting Apple. It ended the quarter with $205.7 billion in cash, outstripping any other company in the world.

Facebook’s Slideshows

Facebook is introducing a trimmed down version of its new video focus with Slideshows. It allows small business advertisers to create videos from still photos and brands in developing nations to communicate with an audience on slower internet connections.

Periscope Meets Apple TV

Periscope is announcing an app coming soon to Apple TV. Followers and fans can now watch friends, family and celebrity broadcasts on the big screen via Periscope Live on Apple TV.

Advertising Online

This week is also seeing big developments in online shopping and advertising with Bing bringing its Shopping offering to the UK and Australia. Just one of five Halloween surprises Bing has announced.

Twitter has new measuring tools to share with Brand Hub, which will give advertisers a view of their share of the conversation in comparison to their competitors. Brand hub is currently only available to select large brand advertisers and medium-sized businesses in English-speaking countries, but broader roll out is coming soon.

Instagram Carousel Ads have seen so much success that parent company Facebook is making them more easily available via the Ads API, Power Editor and Ads Manager, giving advertisers even more flexible targeting and call-to-actions. New to Instagram? We're running a free after hours event on 'Using Instagram for your Business,' as well as Digital Marketing Training to help you get up to date.

Loves Data Loves | Tech and Digital Marketing News featuring, #facebook #twitter #instagram #apple #bing and #periscope
Loves Data Loves | Tech and Digital Marketing News featuring, #facebook #twitter #instagram #apple #bing and #periscope