Loves Data Loves on 22 June


We’re updating you every Monday on the tech and marketing news, so they’re front of mind in the coming week. First up, the full program for the 2015 Analytics Conference has finally been announced! With Jim Sterne, Chairman of the Digital Analytics Association presenting the keynote, this year's conference will bring together digital marketers, analysts and businesses and help people make the most out of their Google Analytics. Find out who else is speaking here!


The E3 conference last week in LA for computer, video and mobile games, highlights gaming’s role in cultivating talented programmers and influencing trends in consumer behaviour and online monetisation (Gamification anyone?)

Virtual and augmented reality were prominent this year with Facebook backed Oculus Rift and Microsoft HoloLens making waves. Minecraft (Microsoft) is likely to be popular as players race to explore their creations in 3D.

Google Announcements

A slew of announcements came from Google. Maps received an upgrade and now contains a feature to warn you if your destination is likely to be closed by the time you arrive there. Highly recommended.

Google Trends has had its first major update since 2012. It now has a new homepage and real-time data as well as data gathered from Google News and YouTube.

DoubleClick’s leadership conference last week unveiled new measurement tools, support for native advertising and opportunities for programmatic-guaranteed ad buying. Cross-device measurement was rolled out to all advertisers. Publishers gained access to technology allowing them to serve native looking, custom built ads.


Disruptors continue to gain attention in the transportation industry with Elon Task being the shining star. SpaceX is on the Hyperloop cheer squad with the announcement of a design competition and plans to build a test track in California.

Amazon drones might be arriving sooner than later. The ecommerce giant is negotiating with the FAA in the US for federal regulations, stating their drone technology will be ready for use in 2016. Not sure if a quadcopter drone could get the job done?

Heinz Saucy QR code

Heinz tomato ketchup was red-faced last week when a QR Code from an expired promotion on one of its products led to an adult content website. Heinz had let the domain expire. It was then picked up by the 18+ website and sauce led to saucy. Heinz apologised. Good reminder to maintain your domain names and redirect your QR codes if necessary!  

On This Week

If you’re cool or nerdy (preferably both, it’s not oxymoronic :) working in tech or creative areas in digital, keep an eye on the Cannes Lion Festival happening this week.