Loves Data Loves on 27 July


It’s Monday! Your weekly two-minute marketing update starts now.

Amazon now world’s largest retailer

Amazon is upbeat with second quarter sales results up 20% and revenue of the web division up a whopping 80% with a subsequent rise in stock prices overtaking Wal-Mart and confirming that Amazon is now the largest retailer in the world.

Apple advertising patent

Apple filed a patent last week which could see them targeting their advertising on the basis of a consumer’s income and credit limits. Accurate targeting is always a boon to advertisers and combined with better location targeting can mean a better advertising and shopping experiences for consumers. Apple clearly intends to boost its advertising division. Apple Music, Apple News and Apple Wallet are all going to feature new advertising options.

Twitter introduces event targeting

Twitter introduced event-based targeting for its advertisers last week. Twitter has long been used to target users during major events. However the process has always been manual, involving long keyword lists. Those days are over. Buying event targeted advertising on Twitter will be streamlined and advertisers can now discover new events where targeted users might be found.

Google Dmail sets expiry dates

New Chrome extension Dmail allows users to set an expiry date on their emails. The Dmail plug-in for Gmail allows you to set the amount of time you want your email message to be available to the recipient. After time is up, they’ll no longer be able to access it. Great for passwords or personal info.

Coming up

Windows 10 launches on 29 July, 2015. Also coming up this week, Loves Data has a special three-part series of posts on Facebook’s latest updates and a free webinar on Bing Advertising 11 am this Friday 31 July, 2015 (Sydney time).

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