Loves Data Loves on 3 August


Hold on tight as we zoom through this two minute review.

Facebook’s Cash Cows Growing

Facebook released its second quarter results late last week with more healthy growth in mobile and video. Facebook has also clarified plans to continue rolling out advertising on Instagram and to hold off monetising Messenger since organic growth remains strong.

Google Search Busy Store Guide

Google Search now shows when stores are busiest. When you search for a bricks and mortar store, Google Search results will show you when the store is open and when it’s busiest!

Google Translate For Signage

Google’s Translate app is updating for signage. Just hold up your mobile to signage in other languages and Google Translate will do the rest – in 27 languages! Watch the demo video and smile 😊.

Microsoft Hardens Up

Windows 10 has launched in almost 200 countries with 14 million downloads before the end of last week and growing. Initial reviews are positive and the Windows Blog joyfully states demand is overwhelming.

Google/LinkedIn Listening

LinkedIn will be sending less emails to users with a 40% reduction in messages! And Google is no longer requiring a Google+ profile to sign into YouTube. This was welcome news to many YouTube users who have complained about the policy since Google+ launched.

Love Data Signs Up Comedian

Loves Data’s Analytics Conference in September now has the amazing comedian/social analyst Lawrence Leung onboard as Master of Ceremonies. International notables include Krista Seiden and Mike Kwong coming from Google USA to join Jim Sterne, Founder eMetrics Summit and Digital Analytics Association, and Loves Data’s CEO, Benjamin Mangold, in Sydney and Melbourne. Tickets on sale now!