Loves Data Loves on August 31


Monday again, and it’s a biggie! Your two minute weekly update (plus conference countdown) starts now!

Analytics Conference Countdown

A week and a day to go! Last chance to book tickets to Loves Data’s Analytics Conference and associated marketing and technical masterclasses, Sydney 8-9 September, Melbourne 10-11. Get it done before all tickets are gone! Also last chance for a free ticket through Loves Data’s Instagram competition #DataInTheWild competition on Instagram.



New Book Ready For Conference

Benjamin Mangold, CEO, Loves Data, is just about ready to launch his much anticipated book ‘Learn Google AdWords and Google Analytics’. It’s a beauty, sharing tips and tricks from his years of practical hands-on campaign management and training experience.

Reviews of the book by Avinash Kaushik, Justin Cutroni, Daniel Waisberg and Jim Sterne are stunning! Stay tuned!

Virtual Assistants Clash

Facebook is entering the virtual assistant fray quietly with the roll out of M to a small section of users. M joins the ranks of Siri, Google Now on Tap and newbie Cortana to address all your busy organisation and reminder needs.

Flash Fades Away

Google’s Chrome browser has announced it will be auto pausing all Flash-based ads starting on September 1, 2015 to combat ongoing stability and security issues. It’s been a bad month for Adobe’s Flash with this news coming tight on the heels of Amazon announcing it will no longer be accepting Flash-based ads on its advertising network.

YouTube Gaming Experiences

YouTube Gaming has been launched, promising improved experiences for people searching for gaming livestreams and content. Details of the new app and site in Google’s Ad network is as yet unknown but the potential for advertising to young gaming audiences is obvious.

Google Tag Assistant Recordings

Google Tag Assistant (a Chrome browser extension every digital marketer should be using) was given a new feature last week. Google Tag Assistant can now record a sample session and validate all your tags and trackers are up and functioning as intended, in real time.