Loves Data Loves on December 14


It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas and our favourite tech and online companies are keeping us busy. Your weekly two minute download, is coming right up.

Shared Albums for Google Photos

Just in time for the most photo filled time of year, Google has announced Shared Albums for Google Photos for easier image distribution via shared links.

Google’s Smart Goals for SMBs

Google Analytics and Google AdWords has introduced Smart Goals to make it easier for small to medium sized businesses to measure their online conversions by helping them identify online behaviours more likely to lead to a conversion. Smart Goals draws on machine learning and anonymised data shared by other Google Analytics users, to ‘learn’ the markings of a valuable website visitor.

Facebook Knows Aussie Christmas

Facebook has published more insights into the Christmas buying behaviour of Australians. According to their recent poll over 30% of the population is planning to shop online this gift giving season, and previous data indicates the retail bug remains active right through to New Years. So if you’re advertising for sales over the Christmas season, the lesson is to keep customer engagement going!

Google Docs Gift Wrapped

If your organisation uses Google Docs, then you have faced the same struggles as us with file management. But just in time for Christmas, Google Docs has announced better search experiences including search for files by owner – finally!

Searching Google Docs on mobile iOS and Android also becomes easier with access to advanced search and more detailed advanced search settings.

A Gift from the Government

The Australian Government is living up to its promise of making more data freely available with the announcement that the Australian Geocoded National Address File (G-NAF) will become free of charge in February 2016. While delays in the move have been subject to some criticism the indications are it will spur innovation in locations based apps and features.

Elon Musk revs up AI

Billionaire businessman, inventor and innovator, Elon Musk (Tesla Motors, Tesla Powerwall, Solar City and SpaceX) has teamed up with other like-minded innovators in announcing OpenAI, a nonprofit Artificial Intelligence (AI) research organisation with a mission to advance digital learning to benefit humanity.

Donors have pledged more than one billion dollars to fund the organisation. The donors include Musk’s fellow PayPal Co-Founder Peter Thiel, LinkedIn Corp Co-Founder Reid Hoffman, and Amazon Web Services.

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