Loves Data Loves on December 21


It’s already the end of the year! This will be our last news post before the holiday season but don’t worry, we’ll be back (probably with a sun-tan) in the new year with the latest and greatest. Two minutes of online marketing ups and downs, coming up.

Safety First

Google Webmaster Tools blog has announced that Google Search indexing will be helping to make the web a safer place by giving preferential indexing to https pages. This means that in most cases when two URLs from the same domain appear to have the same content but are served over different protocol schemes, Google will choose to index the https one.

Facebook Adds Some Holiday Magic

Facebook has announced a slew of updates and new sharing features in time for the holiday season such as new ways to share photos on the Messenger app. With Photo Magic Messenger recognises friends in your photos and sends them out in a group thread. No more missed promises to share a picture-perfect moment!

Uber to Stay in NSW

Ridesharing app Uber has received good news from New South Wales courts with the government in this state officially giving the service (and other rider sharing offerings) the green light. A compensation fund is being set up for taxi plate owners to help weather the severe downward trend of their investment. Taxi industry administration has also been streamlined with the deletion of more than 50 regulations.

Google Search Trends 2015

With over a billion searches a day this year Google Trends revealed some common threads in our human behaviour; from the ‘do you see it as blue and black or white and gold dress?’ to the global chorus of ‘Je suis Charlie’ A Year In Search 2015.

Catch you next year data nerds!