Loves Data Loves on November 23

Loves Data Loves on November 23

Here’s your weekly update on the world of tech and online. Take two minutes to reset yourself for the week ahead.

YouTube Translates Videos

YouTube is helping content creators reach a broader audience by launching language tools to help creators translate their content. The tools range from crowd sourced subtitles to a translation marketplace where professional translations can be purchased. YouTube also offers video title and description translations for free.

Facebook Helps with Breakups

Facebook has shown it’s listening to users seeking its support in dealing with the pain of breaking up. Facebook is testing new tools to help us see less of our former significant others – you might still need to keep your tub of Ben & Jerry’s handy.

Google Seeks Increasing Clouds

Google made a notable appointment this week choosing Diane Greene to head its enterprise cloud business. Famously the former CEO of VMWare, the appointment has industry pundits speculating that Google is finally going on the offensive with enterprise level cloud services. Taking on fellow online giant Amazon in this growing space.

Instagram Advertising Gains Momentum

Instagram continues to encourage and provide fresh paths for businesses to express themselves visually. Loves Data is excited about where visual social media is headed and we think the vibe across Sydney is on par with us because Using Instagram for Business after hours event is officially sold out!

Search Quality Guidelines Released

Google has updated its Search Quality Guidelines and released the full version online. The 160-page document of pure SEO bliss will be thoroughly consumed and studied by every digital marketer. We’ll certainly be putting it on our bedside tables. Stay tuned for updates!