Loves Data Loves on November 30


As the holiday season closes in things normally start winding down a bit but while companies might be holding off on major announcements, they can't keep us tech nerds from digging! We’re keeping your online marketing news in two minutes coming!

Microsoft Testing Cortana

Microsoft’s personal assistant program Cortana is being tested outside of its home platform. In preparation for an iOS launch Microsoft is currently allowing limited access to the app on beta. Solid dates on when the rest of us can expect a turn have yet to be announced but rumours are it's coming soon!

Google Glass Eyes New Possibility

Google Glass is seeing success in commercial applications but it looks like the retail team for this device is far from sleepy. New patent papers show Google might be dropping the traditional glasses look altogether.

Google,'s aiming for more of a pliable headband instead – but whether this new version will ever hit the shelves is yet to be seen but with the growing popularity of wearables, it might just have a chance.

Apple’s iHeadphones

After taking on charging connections and defying industry standards it looks as if Apple could be supplanting the humble headphone jack in its next iPhone iteration. Rumours around the soon-to-come iPhone 7 suggest Apple will be making the headphone jack slimmer in order to make the phone even thinner.

We’re all for thinner phones but can we cope with another connector?

Instagram for Business

Loves Data shared its love with a full-house at its initial 'Instagram for Business,' after hours event in Sydney followed with a sign of things to come – an awesome list of Instagram for business resources!

Instagram Multiple Accounts

Instagram is testing some new functionality for users with multiple accounts which will make it easier for those of us logging in and out of multiple accounts.

Iconosquare Analytics Charges

Exponential growth in the number of Instagram accounts and monetisation opportunities with Instagram launching advertising coincide with Iconosquare’s decision to wind up its free Instagram analytics. You can still use free tools such as Google Analytics and Ink361 to improve your Instagram results.