Mashable Social Media Day


Today 30 June is Mashable’s sixth annual global celebration of Social Media Day (we also like to call it Frazzle Day aka End of Financial Year in Australia!) So depending where you live (and pay tax :-) ) you might be checking out @MashableEvents / #SMDay or @ato_gov_au

Anyway, whether your priority is Social Media Day and/or End of Financial Year, it’s highly likely you will be sharing part of it online (with friends and strangers). It’s so automatic it’s hard to remember when this wasn’t the case. But it wasn’t until the new millennium that social media as we think of it today came into existence.

While the late nineties introduced us to chatting services with ICQ, Yahoo Messenger, and MSN Messenger, it wasn’t until Friendster that we could really share a part of ourselves on the Internet. Then came the deluge of options, including early success story MySpace. Before long, the world seem to settle on Facebook as their primary social media tool.

Since then, we have seen Facebook continue to lead the way in keeping us informed on our friends, neighbours and long lost classmates. But we’ve also discovered that we might like to hear from our favourite celebrities, brands and retailers. More and more, we’re seeing a segmentation of our social apps, each one providing a specific function. As users spend time on more and more platforms so must social media managers.

Here’s how social media looks today:

About 68% of internet users in Australia report using social media. Of those, 93% use Facebook, 28% LinkedIn and 26% Instagram. This is followed by usage of Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and SnapChat.

Globally, Facebook still dominates with over 1.4 billion active accounts, but it’s followed by QQ and Qzone the preferred Chinese alternatives. Facebook’s messenger and WhatsApp round out the top five, followed by WeChat, Google+, Skype, Instagram and Twitter.

Keep in mind that most social media analysis don’t even include platforms such as YouTube, Amazon or Yelp.

Newcomers such as Meerkat and Periscope have yet to break into the top ten, but with Periscope reaching over one million users within ten days of launch, it will be one more platform to keep an eye on.

With an ever-growing number of platforms to manage, it’s no wonder that marketers are struggling. For suggestions on the best apps to help, check out Ben’s post on Social Media Tools.

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