Meet ‘Lily’ the Selfie-Drone


Meet Lily. She’s a cool, sweet looking selfie-drone. She’s been developed by Lily Robotics, a five-person company in Silicon Valley. She’s a waterproof go-anywhere lass who’ll follow you around taking photos and video. Lily follows a small circular tracker that you can put in your pocket or strap to your wrist. Lily can shoot 1080p video or 12-megapixel stills. She’s the ultimate selfie machine!

Her features include automatic slo-mo and 360-degree pictures. Her battery keeps her going for up to 20 minutes and can cover a lot of territory; reaching speeds of up to 40 kilometres an hour and flying as high as 30 metres.

Lily takes off when you throw her into the air. She has preprogrammed commands such as ‘follow’ to keep her camera on you and ‘spiral’ where she flies in a wide circle around you.

Currently priced at $499 US, Lily’s a lot of fun!