Netflix's Smart Socks


The holiday season is often busy with family and friends, and we enjoy all of those social gatherings, but sometimes there’s nothing as relaxing as a Netflix binge on the couch. If you’re anything like us, you’ve been known to fall asleep in front of the screen. With Netflix’s auto play feature, this can leave your sleepy self-episodes behind in your favourite program. But, that doesn't have to be. Now, there’s a hack for that.

Just in time for some well deserved time off, Netflix has released a video depicting some very smart socks. Armed with LED lights and an accelerometer, these socks do more than keep your feet warm. When you fall asleep during your favourite show, the socks sense that you’re not moving and pause your program, so you don’t miss anything important.

The best part? Well, if you’ve got a nerdy side like we do, you’ll appreciate that this is not a ready made commercial product. It’s a Netflix Make It Project, which means we get to have all the fun of putting this baby in action. has full instructions on how to make the socks scratch, and not just the electronic components either, step one comes complete with knitting patterns to your favourite Netflix originals. Who doesn’t want a pair of ‘Orange is the New Black’ socks?

We just have one question, ‘Wonder if it works with the Google Analytics API?’