New features added in Bing Places for Business


Are you an agency managing listings for your clients on Bing Places for Business? Hold onto your hats. Bing has added new features that will help you manage and optimise your client listings, all from the one dashboard!

1. Get your agency registered

Getting registered as an agency has the added benefit of allowing you to add and update multiple businesses from the one account. Bing will consider you as an agency if you’re contracted or responsible for managing other organisation’s listings on Bing Places. To get the process started, go to Bing Places and provide them with information about your agency. Then you’ll just need to verify your email address.

2. Add multiple businesses

Once you’ve registered your agency, you’re able to add up to 10,000 businesses on Bing Places. When you're creating listings, there's an option for you to fill in a template for multiple stores. Bing Places to be reviewed for quality assurance. If your submission isn’t up to their quality guidelines, your listings will be paused until further notice.

3. Obtain verification

Once your business has been submitted and approved by Bing Places, your client will need to verify the listing. Verification is either a phone call or postcard sent to your clients that you can then enter on their Bing Places listing.

Although it’s common for businesses to be listed and verified individually, you also have the option to register chain organisations (if you were given the task of creating a Bing Places listing for all McDonalds stores, for example). In this circumstance, just provide Bing with a signed authorisation from the chain business and they’ll verify the stores so that your agency can easily manage the listings.

4. Manage the listings

After you have registered, added and verified your listing, the only thing you will have to do is manage the listings from your agency’s dashboard. The benefits of the dashboard is that you’ll be able to see a summary of all the listings you’ve added, their impression data, statuses, and keep your client’s profiles up-to-date. If there are any issues, you’re able to download, fix and resubmit them.

5. Sharing is caring!

If you’re an agency, Bing Places for Business not only allows you to manage multiple client listings from the one location, you’re also able to share individual access with your clients. This means that your clients can update the information themselves, from their own Bing Places for Business account.

Have you added your clients to Bing Places for Business yet? Tell us about it in the comments section below.