New Horizons for Hearts & Minds


New Horizons’ photo of Pluto featuring a 2,000 km wide ‘heart’ was a big hit at NASA and Loves Data. After monitoring a journey approaching 5 billion kilometres over almost ten years NASA’s Open Innovation Program Manager, Beth Beck, was understandably excited.

The most amazing thing about the first images we got back from New Horizons is that there’s a heart on it … Looking at the data rates of how far the data has to travel … it’s the furthest we’ve gone and the closest we’ve gone to Pluto.

In this ultimate moment of high achievement, Beck made the most of the opportunity to focus on an equally important equality mission. In its first year NASA, only 18% of its team were women but after a ‘Women in Data’ focus this has risen to 25%. She says

That’s one in four, which seems like a nice, little number, but it’s not. It should be two in four or three in four. Even at NASA, we do a really good job of ‘women in science and engineering,’ but it’s not good enough.


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