Remembrance Day – Lest We Forget


At the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918 the guns fell silent on the Western Front after more than four years of warfare in World War I and as many as 13 million deaths. Australia remembers the armistice and their loss of 60,000 people with a minute’s silence at 11am on this day – Remembrance Day. Here at Loves Data, we’re honouring this important day and our love of technology by showcasing News Corporation’s revolutionary social media concept AnzacLive.

AnzacLive was launched in March, 2015 and is a fantastic, innovative and interactive way of educating people on Gallipoli and war times, all over the world. The premise of the project is for people to have the ability to talk to the men and women who were involved, by using journals written by real people. AnzacLive posts daily pictures and quotes from these journals, like soldier Ellis or nurse Alice, making us feel like they’re living the events with us.

AnzacLive has the full support of the characters’ relatives and the social media presences are managed by a team of thirty volunteer journalists – who are well acquainted with each person and approach the project with tact and empathy. It’s no surprise that AnzacLive has gained immense popularity and a zealous online community with international and Australian audiences.

Meanwhile, this is what Australia looked like in 1915. #AnzacLive #australia

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