Samsung and Samsonite to Develop Smart Luggage


It’s rare that a tech announcement is met with a collective sigh of relief, but that is exactly what happened when we learned that Samsung and Samsonite are teaming up to give us smart luggage. As a company that routinely sends trainers across the country and across the globe (usually with a perfected 23 kgs of teaching materials), we were overjoyed to hear that they would have a little extra help. Not to mention no more lost luggage on vacation. The current plans are for the new line of luggage to come equipped with GPS, which will allow us to track our bag’s location. The bags will also contain a feature that can determine if a bag has been opened. Future work with app developers will no doubt turn these into notifications for when a bag is opened or if we get separated from it. Or better yet, an alert for when it comes onto the carousel, because even airport coffee is more enjoyable than staring at luggage going around in circles.

For further down the road, Samsonite is working with airlines on baggage that checks itself in. The bag holds information about the passenger, flight and destination that the airline can retrieve – no more lines for bag drop. They’re also experimenting with self-propelled luggage that can follow us around, so no more trudging through terminals with heavy bags. In the future we’ll saunter along with our luggage trailing behind, but don’t worry, Lily the selfie drone will keep an eye on it.