Scary Technology Fails


This week, we’re paying homage to the scariest day of the year – Halloween. But we’re not going to be celebrating it by wearing a lycra catsuit, and we’re not disobeying our dentists and eating 17 times the daily quota of sugar, we’re goin’ places no one in the tech or digital industry should go. Welcome to our hair-raising list of the seven scariest tech fails. It’s the stuff nightmares are made of.

1. Peeple App

Labeled by the Washington Post as a “terrifying Yelp for people,” the ‘Peeple’ app allows you to give unsolicited ratings to other humans you know including your friends, colleagues and ex-partners. The app’s scheduled to be released in late November, with the heart-warming intention of showing us the world’s actually full of nice people. Check out John Oliver’s hilarious take on the app as he explains what we’re all thinking.

2. Cher on Twitter

Thanks to the tip off from John Oliver above, Cher on Twitter has made it to this list. BUT don’t worry Cher, we still believe in you. Please never stop Cher-ing the love.

If you’re wondering what any of these mean, Hitfix have been so kind as to translate Cher’s Tweets for you.

3. Reply all

Now’s a good time to give an honorary mention to 'reply all' button misuse. Most of us send dozens of emails a day, so you’ll be familiar with the gut-wrenching feeling of regret that’s synonymous with accidentally pressing 'reply all' after responding to an email. Despite the fact that email has been around for about 20 years, it’s still a mistake that’s all too easy to make. If you’re a user of Gmail, make sure you enable ‘undo send’ for a 30-second lifeline.

A 2011 Super Bowl ad for Bridgestone Tyres was inspired by the real-life story of Bill Cochran of Richards Group. He accidentally hit the reply-all button on an email meant for only the eyes of their art director – and that’s how this golden ad came to be:

4. Amazon’s cheap phone backfires

Apart from the fact we all have iPhones, the Amazon Fire Phone was a burnout. Its low-res screen and inability to support most apps meant that a two-year 64GB Fire Phone contract dropped from $300 to $100. However, if you’re looking for a cheap tablet, Arstechnica claim that “Amazon’s $50 Fire Tablet surprisingly doesn’t suck.”

5. U2 and Apple

The teaming up of U2 and Apple started off with the automatic download of U2’s 'Songs of Innocence' album on 500 million iPhones. The latest in the saga is 'The Experience Bus' – instead of transporting people from A to B, Apple Music and U2 invite you to an interactive virtual reality video of 'Song of Someone.' It’s pretty much a 360-degree performance of both the actual band and videos of fans singing the song.

6. iCloud Security

Probably the only time you’ll hear us mention Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lawrence and Kirsten Dunst in a Loves Data blog is when it comes to freaky iCloud security. Despite the fact that these guys are in the limelight, privacy is still privacy amiright?

7. Flash

You can’t really write a tech-fail blog without mentioning Flash, right? We’re the first to acknowledge that Flash had a big hand in revolutionising the internet, BUT in a list of priorities, browser speed and battery life rank way higher. The final nail in the coffin was Google’s announcement that they’ll be, “pausing certain plugin content, including many Flash ads.” RIP Flash.

Do you have a tech fail that gives you the shivers? Let us know in the comments below and Happy Halloween!