Search, See, Shop


With the use of mobiles skyrocketing before and during in-store as well online shopping trips, Google is continuing its efforts to improve these shopping experiences by making changes to search results to increase the amount of useful product information available, including product specifications and value for money comparisons. Brand manufacturers are also being encouraged to take more control and pay more attention to detail in their product listings.

Summary of Google Shopping Ad Updates

  • newly-designed expandable shopping ads with rankings and product ratings
  • prioritising of Local Inventory Ads for searches involving local businesses
  • Google Now’s in-store card will appear when a shopper is near a store
  • testing ads with 'Buy on Google' option on retailer-branded product page
  • upcoming links directing users direct to mobile app instead of via website.

Google Manufacturer Center

Google has launched Manufacturer Center to help brand manufacturers accurately represent their products to shoppers across By uploading authoritative product data to the manufacturers can make their product listings more useful and improve all round shopping experiences for customers making purchase decisions. To encourage uptake, Google plans to provide manufacturers with visitor data to help them gain insights into the value of the product information they provide. Google will for example show manufacturers how many times their products appear on Google within a time frame, how many times shoppers clicked on their products in comparison to competing products in their category.