Tesla Powerwall – Same Price, Double Power


It’s not often a company announces improvements to a product before it’s been delivered. It’s even rarer for a CEO to tell their investors that the price for said improved product will remain the same. But that’s exactly what CEO, Elon Musk, has done at Tesla’s annual shareholders meeting. Questions about Tesla’s Powerwall output being sufficient to power an average household during an outage or blackout have now been put beyond doubt. Initially slated to have 2 kW steady power output and 3.3 kW peak output, the batteries will now have 5kW steady power output and 7kW peak output.

Prices remain the same at $3500 AUD for the 10kWh version and $3000 AUD for 7kWh version and Tesla is on track to begin deliveries in September 2015.

Tesla Energy received over 38,000 reservations for its new home storage batteries within the first week of launch. The commercial sized PowerPack launched on the same day also flew off the virtual shelves attracting 25,000 reservations. And while it’s all speculation until the batteries are delivered and installed, there are indications Tesla Energy may beat even the iPhone to reach sales of over $1 billion in record time.