Twitter Images


After being the preferred social media platform for word lovers for so long, Twitter seems to finally be giving in to pressure from users to improve their photo game. Twitter entered the fray of photos late in the day, only after seeing the immense engagement visual media was inspiring on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Since then, Twitter's made serious inroads into becoming a more diverse and visual platform, especially since the acquisition of live broadcast app Periscope earlier in the year. Today, Twitter crossed another step into photo app territory, finally announcing that it would no longer be auto-cropping images. Gone are the days of heads algorithmically lobbed off in favor of a focus on shoulders or stomach. In a post for the announcement, Twitter expressed hope that this change would offer a more immersive experience for users. Also part of the change for better images is an improved photo display for when a user tweets more than one photo. Instead of the current preview where all the pictures are equally small, the new display handles multiple images more like Facebook where one image is displayed large and others are arranged on the side in a complementary fashion.

While Twitter doesn’t look like it will ever abandon its text-based roots, there's no denying the draw of better visuals. After all, isn't a picture worth 140 characters?