Twitter’s New Moments


After months of hints and teasing Twitter is set to roll out its new Moments feature. Code named ‘Project Lightning’ the go-ahead was first order of business for returning Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey. ‘Moments’ will make it quicker and easier to browse the biggest stories on Twitter without having to follow accounts or search for hashtags. Twitter wants to increase its reach by allowing anyone who signs up for Twitter to access stories of the day without having to speak the language of Twitter. Images will also feature more prominently.

‘Moments’ will appear as a lightning bolt icon tab in Twitter's app. Users clicking the tab will be directed to a list of the main stories of the day. Users will be able to scroll to areas of interest to them such as sports or entertainment. Users can then follow a Moment so updates on the topic flow into their timelines or share them with others.

Moments will be advertising-free initially but brands advertising on Moments in the future will be given their own section called promoted Moments. Each promoted Moment will appear within the Moments tab for a 24-hour period and can be updated throughout that time. How this real estate is used will be up to each brand. At first Twitter plans to run one promoted Moment a day but if all goes well that number is likely to rise.

‘Moments’ will be rolled out initially in the US on Android, iOS and desktop. But Twitter assures fans that shared Moments will be globally accessible.