Windows 10 Launch (Why We Care)


The much anticipated Windows 10 is finally rolling with interest ranging from indifference to trepidation as all users seek to upgrade simultaneously. The reality, as usual, is between. Do those of us in digital marketing care? The answer is ‘yes’! In terms of software updates Windows 10 is a significant one, including shifting to a subscription model. Users of Windows 7 and 8 will be offered a free upgrade (good for a year). After the initial surge of downloads, upgrades will continue for the next year. The uptake of Windows 10 is likely to be much higher than any previous versions.

Windows 10 will feature the new Edge browser and if it’s as fast as anticipated it could change market shares. There’s little independent information so far about Edge’s security and compatibility. We’ll have to rely on developers to give us the rundown.

Also contained in the upgrade is Cortana with claims it is a faster learner than Google Now and Siri. We’ll see, one thing’s certain Cortana is more likely to use Bing instead of Google to find answers to our questions. If Cortana is a good as they say, we could see a shift in search market share here too.

Windows has yet to find its feet in mobile but with desktops it’s still the clear market leader with over 85% of desktops and laptops running Microsoft software. Everyone upgrading to Windows 10 will be exposed to Cortana, Edge and Bing and with desktops still accounting for around half the time we spend online a lot of searches could be affected.

Whether Windows 10 will be a success and what the take-up rates will be is still in the air. We’ll keep you updated on the upgrade! In the meantime if you’re interested in learning about Microsoft’s Bing digital advertising check out the free recording of our webinar.