YouTube Cards create a Better Video Experience


From a user’s point of view, one of the annoying experiences of watching YouTube videos can come from overdone annotations which inhibit your view of the video and sometimes contain spammy links. Although, when used correctly, annotations are great for video creators because they provide opportunities to promote other relevant content and offer a place to house important information. The other thing about annotations is that they don’t work across mobile. There had to be a better way to display them, so YouTube has announced a happy medium, YouTube Cards.

The Cards are hidden until you click the ‘information’ symbol on a video. Once opened, Cards are displayed on the right hand side of the video, work on mobile, are scrollable, and are available at anytime during the video. Most importantly, they look clean and resemble the YouTube video interface we love and we’re used to seeing.

There are six types of cards available:

You can access the ‘Cards’ tab in Video Editor and can create and edit them at any time.