Loves Data Loves on February 29


From PayPal Express Checkout to advertising in a world of ad blocking, find out what the Loves Data team are loving this week, in terms of digital marketing

PayPal Express Checkout is an Ecommerce Data Mine

When it comes to integrating Paypal with Google Analytics, which is better - Express Checkout or Payments Standard? Tracking is a key point of difference. Express Checkout will process your customer’s orders on your website; from the checkout steps right through to the final ‘thank you’ page. For more about how the process works and how to optimize it for maximum data extraction check out our latest blog.


Six Google Analytics Reports for Content Analysis

Content is a huge buzzword in the digital marketing space – and for good reason. If you’ve been doing our homework you’ll know posting to social media, writing blogs and communicating with your audience builds online brand presence and awareness. Creating content is essential, testing it to improve it and measuring results are also critical to your success in hitting the ‘sweet spots’.

Check out Google Analytics reports so you can start your own website content audit.

GA reports for content analysis

Advertising in a World of Ad Blocking

Ad blocking software’s been a hot topic of late with downloads up exponentially and lost ad revenue estimated to be US$22 billion. The Conversation’s item on the subject struck a strong chord with our guys. The work around (and what makes sense) is simple – advertisers need to create advertising that informs, interests or entertains people.

As advertisers ourselves we know how annoying these bad practices can be:

  • Ads with excessive or non-user-initiated hover effects
  • Autoplay-sound or video ads
  • Overlay, expanding or oversized image ads
  • Popups and popunders
  • Animated ads or rich media ads such as Flash and Shockwave ads
Source: The Conversation

Google Fiber Spreads to San Fran

The world’s population is now over 7 billion, more than 4.2 billion do not have regular access to the Internet. Google is doing its bit to overcome the problem, it’s own Internet service, Google Fiber has announced it will be rolling out fast and free Internet to public and lower cost housing estates in San Francisco. Google will use existing fiber networks and be partnering with a nonprofit to teach people basic web skills such as sending emails and searching for jobs.


Spotify Decides to Harmonise with Google Cloud

Spotify has chosen Google’s cloud services to host its networking, data processing, queries and messaging. This is a big vote of confidence in Google’s cloud offerings, ranked third in Public Cloud adoption behind Amazon’s Web Services and Microsoft Azure in the recent RightScale Cloud Survey. Google’s main selling point in this business decision came from its ability to handle data.

Spotify and Google Cloud