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Instagram’s Video View Counts

Instagram introduced video just two years ago and we’ve seen some really innovative updates such as Hyperlapse, Boomerang, filters and video marketing. The most recent of these updates is video views. As data lovers who’ve been waiting to see impressions on Instagram since we started using it, we’re rejoicing about this step being a step closer.

The view count will appear under your video where the likes appear on a static post and, like Facebook, count each view after the user has seen it for three seconds or more. This is going to help businesses gain more insights into their marketing strategies, compare video performance on other platforms and encourage businesses to push the boundaries of video marketing. According to Instagram, the time that users spend watching videos has increased by 40% in the last six months. By the way, you can still track your likes – just tap on the “views” and they’ll appear.

The Ultimate AdWords Glossary

Guys, it’s here. The ultimate AdWords glossary.

It’s 167 of the most common Google AdWords terms, so you have a quick and easy reference at your fingertips! We’ve even gone so far as to create a PDF version so you can print and frame as your desk “pièce de résistance”


AdWords Now Offers 24 Hour Support

This happened:

Here are the links to their Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and YouTube channels – so you can start asking questions.

Pinterest Adjusts Algorithm to Benefit Popular Posts

Heard of the saying the rich get richer? Well, the popular pinners keep on getting more popular. It’s highly likely that Pinterest this month made changes to their display algorithm, boosting the visibility of high-engagement posts. This means popular posts will keep on growing while low-engagement posts are given less attention.

Pinterest bloggers are finding decreases of as much as 27% in traffic so far in February 2016 compared to levels at end of January 2016. Pinterest’s move spells the need for users to concentrate efforts on providing quality posts over quantity.

Quick Tips for leveraging Pinterest’s new algorithm:

  1. Delete old pins with low engagement, this will show that your boards overall are receiving exceptional engagement
  2. Repin your post on several of your boards to show that your post has been repinned more than once

Twitter Adds Designated GIF Button

Whether you pronounce them as ‘ghifs’ of ‘jifs’, we all love these clever moving montages – and Twitter knows it too. In fact we all love them so much that in 2015, 100 million GIFs were uploaded to Twitter, spurring the social platform to implement a GIF search button. You’ll soon have the option to search for GIFs as you compose your tweets. We no longer need to be employed by Buzzfeed to access funny, relatable and inspiring GIFs on a whim.

Twitter Gif Love Heart

Samsung & Uber Join Forces

Samsung users felt the love last Thursday, as Uber drivers sped around Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth delivering IRL versions of our favourite emojis. Owners of Samsung Galaxies across the four cities were able to request live versions of the ‘doughnut’, ‘gift box’, ‘love heart eyes’ and ‘poop’ emojis to be delivered on-demand via the Uber app. With emojis having become an integral part of daily communication, the Galaxy Emojis Alive campaign by Edelman Australia is a great example of a creative concept coming to life as marketing gold. The receivers of emoji-treats won’t be forgetting the brand connection between Samsung and Uber anytime soon.

We managed to score 3 out of 4 live emojis here at Loves Data, and have to say that we couldn’t pick a favourite between The Zumbo poo meringue, our box of delectable doughnuts and two bundles of gorgeous blooms.

Samsung and Uber Promotions