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Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year! We've created this graph to show you what animal our favourite 'tech celebrities' are.

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Hootsuite Recommends Social Media Calendar

Do you have great social content? Even if you answered yes, sometimes it can be overwhelming to organise and strategise your social media at the last minute. Hootsuite’s just released an article that shows us how valuable it is to have an organised social media calendar, that you can use to guide your content creation and publication. A calendar will help you save time, effort, allow you to plan out your content well in advance and produce high-quality content. You can categorise your content schedule in terms of topic posting, who's creating the content and what channels you’ll be using. For more tips and tricks, read the whole article here.

Valentine’s Day UK Bing Ads

As we’re getting closer to Valentine’s Day, there has been a predictable increase in the amount of romantic searches on Bing. They’ve put together a pretty awesome presentation about the different types of searches people have been making. Retail search queries have taken a jump (great news for ecommerce stores), with men starting a lot earlier in the year than women. There are a lot of last minute queries, with traffic almost doubling 24 hours before the big day. Also, there’s been a lot of love for mobile devices, with 69% of all Valentine’s Day related search queries and 43% of all clicks coming through from mobile. Check it out here.

Bing Valentine's Day

Fred on $5 Note

The Reserve Bank of Australia plans to update the $5 note and Fred Hollows looks to be a compelling fit for it. The re-design has risen from a need to improve anti-counterfeit measures, as well as add a tactile element for the vision impaired – thus benefiting people with the same affliction that Fred dedicated his life to. The fiver and Fred go hand in hand, as one of his key campaigns involved informing us of the price of an intraocular lens which would allow a cataract blind person to see - five dollars. We applaud Fred’s effort in restoring sight to millions and think his face might be a good substitute for the Parliament House! You can check out the petition here.

Fred Hollows on the Fiver

Measure and Improve Gender Diversity in Video Games

Highly experienced Games journalist Keza MacDonald wrote “Video games need more women” in a compelling article in the guardian two years ago. Nothing has changed. A few weeks ago our post ‘Measuring Gender Diversity in Movies’ described how the Bechdel Test for gender diversity in movies, uses crowd-sourced data.

Can the Bechdel Test be applied to video games? Females and males are more or less evenly devoted to video games statistically so why is it so difficult to have gender diversity? It’s not a  rhetorical question, we would really like to know. There are plenty of out-there real life role models. Check out New Zealand stuntwoman Gemma Weston flyboarding video.

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