Loves Data Loves on February 1


What’s been happening in the world of digital marketing and digital analytics over the last week? If you haven’t been finding time in your busy schedule to keep up to date with recent news, don’t worry, we have you covered – get up to speed in a couple of minutes.

Google Announces Open Source Support for Mobile Pages

We’re stoked to learn the good news for anyone subjected to poor user experiences on mobiles. So pretty much everyone! Like slow loading sites or having your data used up trying to process large sites.

Google’s just announced their Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project – an open source strategy to improve user experiences and help page content load quickly on mobiles. Making sure “content is fast, flexible and beautiful, including compelling and effective ads.”

The AMP HTML will help developers create speedy, high-performing websites that support caching without sacrificing design elements. AMP is not a template-based system, so developers and publishers are being encouraged to be innovative and creative.


Facebook set to Launch Reactions

OMG! OMG! Is it finally happening? Facebook’s promise to extend their iconic ‘like’ button to emojis might soon be a reality for those of us who sometimes just can’t find the words to say.


Fingers crossed it’s not just another “cry wolf” from Zuckerberg, who announced in September 2015, (AKA a few MONTHS ago) that it will be launched in “the next few weeks.” However, it was Chief Product Officer, Chris Cox who told Bloomberg Businessweek they’re reconsidering changing things up. The reactions came from a study of the most frequent reactions to posts, which are sad, wow, haha, yay, angry and love… and it’s got us all like...

Screenshot 2016-02-01 12.41.37

Pinterest Worth $11 Billion

Pinterest is officially worth some sweet cash! The virtual scrapbooking channel has recently been valued at $11 billion. However, marketers are still waiting to be able to advertise on it.

Meanwhile, brands are continuing to use Pinterest to promote their services and channels by producing quality visuals. Similar Web (see below) confirms Pinterest is a valuable channel when it comes to sending traffic to sites such as Etsy, where it competes with Facebook for sessions.

Social Networks by Traffic Sent to Etsy

AIME’s Indigenous History Tennis Lesson

Following the resounding success, (pardon the pun) of its Triple J’s Hottest 100 partnering AIME has highlighted hits of the tennis kind on Instagram with an image of Australia’s first Indigenous Australian Open tennis champion Evonne Goolagong Cawley, a proud  woman.

In 1974, she won the first of her four consecutive Australian Opens. She also won the French Open and Wimbledon twice, becoming number one in the world in 1976. Last Saturday night Evonne Goolagong Cawley presented Angelique Kerber with the trophy for winning her first Australian Open. Elite athletes capture performance data via wearable technologies during training - we’ll bring you more on this soon!

Digital Analytics Attracts Designers

Apart from the fact that digital technologies are essential and integral to every kind of design today, it’s the underlying drive to define needs and develop solutions that make digital analytics such an attractive starting point for designers.

Our CEO, Benjamin Mangold, comes from a design background. “For me, digital analytics is about problem solving and this is what attracted me to the space,” says Benjamin. “When I started using Google Analytics there wasn’t a lot of detail about how the product worked and how metrics were calculated.

“This meant spending time playing with the code and getting my hands dirty hacking away until I could see the data I wanted in the reports. Digital analytics is about finding answers in the data.” Benjamin designed Loves Data’s Google Analytics in person and online courses.

Data Drives Musical Diversity

Chris Bowen, CEO, Music Australia, is highly qualified and very experienced, he needs to be. He’s got a difficult and dangerous job wrestling with data to promote cultural diversity in the Australian Music Industry. The word ‘diversity’ can itself be tricky as Chet Faker found out.

The issue for Chris Bowen is more complex. He has to find the data to form plans to preserve diversity as well as to promote it. A 13% drop in attendances to classical concerts might be a trend caused by technology and an ageing population. “If this is a problem, and it’s hard to conclude it isn’t, where is the conversation, data and debate?” says Chris.