Loves Data Loves on January 18


We’re three weeks into 2016 and plenty of news is rolling in from some of our favourite companies about the year ahead. You’ll be ‘in the know’ in just two minutes!

Digital Advertising Increasingly Mobile

Tech companies, like others, are anticipating slower growth with the Chinese economy flashing red. However, marketing budgets are continuing to shift to measurable digital campaigns with mobile being the darling location based advertising seen as the big opportunity.

Apple Moves on iAd Network

Apple is shutting down its iAd App Network in the iAd program and current advertising is to be discontinued as of June 30, 2016.  iAd itself is sticking around but the network which allows developers to advertise their own apps is being closed down.

Google Virtual Reality

Google has announced a Virtual Reality (VR) Division to be headed up by Clay Bavor (of Google Apps). Google has had some success with Google Cardboard but most analysts agree the company is well behind Facebook where pre-orders for their gaming headset Oculus Rift are already open. However, Google’s VR Division is sure to speed things up further with spatial audio support now available through the Cardboard SDK.

Government Supports Self-Driving Cars

The Obama administration has announced government support for the development of self-driving cars pledging $4 billion over ten years including plans for national safety standards to help accelerate the car industry’s ability to go to market.

Coming Soon to iOS

Apple has just released the beta of iOS 9.3 to developers and is teasing us with previews of what’s to come. The most anticipated feature is no doubt Night Shift, changing out blue light for warmer tones closer to bedtime, making sure even the most committed of users get a good night’s rest.