Conversion Tracking with Google Analytics

Attend this free workshop and learn best practice techniques for tracking conversions using Google Analytics. You'll learn when to use the different types of goals and set them up correctly so you can measure and improve the outcomes from your website. 

What you’ll learn during this free workshop:

  • Correctly setting up goals inside Google Analytics
  • When to use the different types of goals
  • How to track conversions for your paid ads (including AdWords, Facebook and Twitter)
  • The best ways to assign values to your goals
  • The difference between macro and micro conversions

Attending this workshop will give you the knowledge you need to track your conversions with confidence! 


Join Benjamin Mangold, Co-Founder of Loves Data and author of Learning Google AdWords and Google Analytics and discover the best ways to track conversions using Google Analytics.

Workshop Times

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Wed, 8 March 10:00 AM Sydney
Wed, 8 March 2016 12:00 PM Auckland
Tue, 7 March 2016 3:00 PM San Francisco

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Wed, 8 March 9:00 AM London
Wed, 8 March 2:30 PM Mumbai
Wed, 8 March 12:00 PM Moscow

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