Google Analytics is the most popular website analytics platform in the world – and if you’ve chosen to utilise this powerful tool, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the most out of it. As Google Certified Partners, Loves Data is well positioned to provide strategic consulting advice to ensure that your Google Analytics implementation, configuration and reporting is delivering real results.

Together with you, we’ll work on a measurement strategy which considers your business KPIs, reporting needs, offline marketing activities and various digital assets (including multiple websites, apps and other online channels). As part of our integrated consulting model, we will provide proactive and strategic planning and recommendations for improving conversions from a data-driven starting point.

Some of our capabilities in Google Analytics include:

Measurement strategy

  • Review Google Analytics implementation and configuration
  • Health check of data quality
  • Determine optimisation opportunities
  • Recommendations for measurement KPIs

Analysis and reporting

  • Piecing together the Customer Journey using multiple data sets
  • Reporting and tracking across domains/platforms
  • Custom reporting and dashboards to measure audience engagement and streamline regular reporting
  • Identifying churn points and any correlation/causation with website elements
  • Developing and presenting hypotheses for improving conversion rates
  • Conducting conversion experiments on content to reduce churn and encourage engagement
  • Using existing performance data to inform content and architecture decisions for websites
  • Implementing UserID to move towards a user centric view of performance
  • Measuring onsite content with enhanced ecommerce
  • Assisting with integrating DataLayer information into GA, analysis and custom reports

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