Fundamentals: Google Analytics Course Topics

  • Introduction to digital analytics and Google Analytics: What is digital analytics? How can we take analytics beyond reporting and into actionable insights? Which Google Analytics features are relevant to my business? How does Google Analytics work?

  • Google Analytics account structure: What are best practices in setting up Google Analytics accounts, properties and views? What do I need to consider when creating a new account?

  • Google Analytics terminology: What are pageview-level, session-level, and user-level metrics, and how are they calculated? What are the limitations of measuring traffic and what is the impact on my reports?

  • Google Analytics interface features: An overview of where to find all the features of the tool.

  • Audience reports: What types of visitors are coming to my website? What can I learn about the locations that visitors are coming from, what devices/technologies they’re using and what demographics they belong to?

  • Acquisition reports: How are my visitors finding my website? What are the types of traffic my website can receive and what do I need to know about interpreting it? What can I find out about my marketing campaigns, referral, social, organic and paid traffic?

  • Behavior reports: What information is available about the pages my visitors browse and what is the best way to view this information? How does Google Analytics report on interactive behavior that happens on a page?

  • Conversion reports: What are goals? What goals should I be tracking for my business? What can I learn with the valuable actions my visitors are taking using the conversion reports?

  • Tracking marketing campaigns: How can I use campaign tagging to send meaningful custom data into my Google Analytics reports? What tagging best practices should I use?

  • Creating dashboards: What are the options available for dashboards? How can you build dashboards that are relevant for major stakeholders?

  • Creating custom reports: What are the best practices for creating custom reports? How do we create actionable custom reports to answer specific business questions?

  • Actionable insights: How do the reports fit together to ensure that Google Analytics is being used to improve your business?

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