Advanced: Google Analytics Course Topics

  • User and session segments: How can I use segments to make my analysis more efficient and perform advanced analysis? How do I create segments that are relevant to my business?

  • Event tracking: What interactions can I measure with event tracking? How do I implement event tracking? How can I make my event reports meaningful?

  • Understanding attribution: How does Google Analytics attribute conversions back to acquisition channels? What reports exist to help me get different views of my marketing mix? What are some best practices in creating/interpreting these reports?

  • Regular expressions: What are regular expressions and when would I use them in Google Analytics? How do I construct basic regular expressions?

  • Conversion tracking: How do I set up all the conversion types that are available within Google Analytics? What best practices should be used for each type of goal? What ecommerce tracking options exist, and how can they help me get a detailed view of my site’s purchase funnel?

  • Advanced configuration and setup options: How do I set up default page, site search and site categories for your account?

  • Filtering data: What are filters and when would I use them? What are the best practices and common pitfalls around setting up filters?

  • Best practices for administration: What user permissions should I be setting for the team? How do I share collateral like reports, notes, and dashboards amongst the team?

  • Advanced options: How do I set up cross-domain tracking and when would I need to? How can I get custom data into my Google Analytics reports?

  • Introduction to Google Tag Manager (GTM): What is Google Tag Manager and which businesses can benefit from it for their Google Analytics implementations? What are some best practices and options that we should be considering for Google Analytics? What is the data layer and how does it allow us to push additional information into our reports?

  • Universal Analytics: How does Universal Analytics work? How can I use it to track extra data into my account? What strategies should I consider to move to a more customer-centric reporting view?

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