Mobile Advertising and Measurement Course

It’s undeniable that the rise of mobile usage has caused a change in the decision-making cycle of consumers. As consumer behaviour changes with mobile technology, businesses are tasked with adapting as well, to ensure that their digital assets are reaching the right customer quickly and in the right channel. Changes in the mobile landscape present an opportunity for marketers to reach consumers directly and more relevantly: on the go, when they are looking for you.

If you’re a marketer in either the strategy or implementation side, this course teaches you the effectiveness of mobile campaigns, best practice and reporting and the importance of including mobile within your marketing and campaign strategies.

What to expect?

This course will develop an understanding of the role that mobile plays within their marketing strategy, you will learn to execute and report on mobile advertising as part of broader campaign activities.

Mobile Advertising and Measurement

Get up to speed with the mobile landscape, including best practice tips for your mobile strategy, understanding of the mobile advertising opportunity, and how to get the most out of your reporting data. This course suits those who are familiar with the digital landscape and are looking to include mobile channels into their current digital strategy.

Course Topics

  • Mobile opportunity: The current mobile landscape and emerging trends.
  • Full value of mobile: Why mobile is growing and what is the potential for your business.
  • Basics of mobile development: How do I optimise my website for mobile and what role do mobile apps play in my strategy?
  • Mobile usability and SEO: How does this differ from your regular SEO strategy and the tools you should be using to help optimise your website for mobile.
  • Mobile search campaigns: What are the best options for making sure your search campaigns are providing full value for mobile?
  • Display and video (YouTube) for mobile: What options are available, and how do I use them to achieve my strategic ends?
  • Mobile app campaigns: How do I set this up and what are the best practices for search and display?
  • Mobile ad optimisation best practices: Once I’ve chosen my mobile advertising platforms, how can I optimise my creative?
  • Measuring mobile: How do I measure mobile traffic using Google Analytics, Google AdWords and Google Tag Manager?
  • Conversions: Why should I be measuring macro and micro conversions for my mobile campaigns?
  • Mobile reporting and analysis: How do I set up mobile reports to understand and evaluate my campaign?
  • Cross-device measurement: Where does mobile fit within the purchase cycle, and how do I measure traffic across different devices?


  • In-house marketing staff who run digital campaigns – to understand  best practice recommendations for mobile campaigns; and to learn the fundamentals in in setting up mobile campaigns.
  • Staff who outsource their digital campaigns to other agencies – to learn what is possible with their agency.
  • Upper-level management – to learn more about how mobile fits into your company’s overall branding strategy and marketing and campaign plans.