Biotech Startup Disrupts Rhino Horn Trade

1 July 2015

When it comes to technology versus nature it’s easy to adopt adversarial thinking. Anyone who’s seen Avatar may be led to believe that human progress and nature will always be at odds. But not today.


Mashable Social Media Day

30 June 2015

Today 30 June is Mashable’s sixth annual global celebration of Social Media Day (we also like to call it Frazzle Day aka End of Financial Year in Australia!) So depending where you live (and pay tax ) you might be checking out @MashableEvents / #SMDay or @ato_gov_au


Google’s Project Soli

26 June 2015

It’s been over a week since Google I/O, which is virtually forever in 24-hour-tech-news cycle years. However, there is one project featured by Google’s ATAP team where the hype’s simply not going away. Project Soli is new technology that is promising to change the future of wearables.


3 SEO Tools you’ll Love – and How to Get Started

25 June 2015

For any fresh-faced SEO’ers, or anyone who’s looking to start tracking their SEO data, we’ve created a quick run-down of a few of our favourite SEO tools, why we love them and how to get started. Check out our handy list to see what you might be missing out on.


Gmail Officially Adds ‘Undo Send’

24 June 2015

If you’ve ever noticed a typing error right after you’ve sent an email or regretted pressing the send button the instant you did, ‘undo send’ could just be your new favourite Gmail feature.

Image source: Tesla Motors

Hyperloop High Speed Competition

24 June 2015

Elon Musk’s white paper in 2013 on the concept of his Hyperloop above ground transport system, promising speeds of over 1000 km/h, was accompanied by plenty of hype. It has spawned a host of startups since.

google-maps-loves-data-blog-v3 (1)

Google Maps Gets More Helpful

24 June 2015

At Loves Data, known as Google specialists, we work hard to stay ahead of the curve which is why great ideas from outsiders are often greeted with sighs and “Why didn’t we think of that?”

Electronic Waste Image Source: Force Change

E-waste Goes Underground

24 June 2015

Having the latest and greatest is one of the joys of living in the age of technology. It’s also the source of masses of e-waste being buried underground as landfill in China, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh and Africa.


Loves Data Loves on June 22

22 June 2015

We’re updating you every Monday on the tech and marketing news, so they’re front of mind in the coming week. First up, the full program for the 2015 Analytics Conference has finally been announced! With Jim Sterne, Chairman of the Digital Analytics Association presenting the keynote, this year’s conference will bring together digital marketers, analysts …


FINALLY! 2015 Analytics Conference Full Program and Speaker Details Released

22 June 2015

This week, we released our full program and speaker details for the 2015 Analytics Conference. With a keynote presented by Jim Sterne, the Chairman of the Digital Analytics Association, the 2015 Analytics Conference will explore how digital marketers, analysts, and organisations can get more from their Google Analytics.

Image Source: Henn-na Hotel

Smart Hotels Get Smarter

21 June 2015

Check-in lines at airports are headed for extinction, most of us check-in online or use airport kiosks. Hotels, however, have resisted this type of pull towards automated efficiency.

Photo of turtle: BTech Innovation

Medical 3D Printing Gives Turtle New Jaw

21 June 2015

Turkish biotech company BTech Innovation has designed and 3D printed a titanium jaw for an injured Loggerhead Turtle. The turtle’s beak had been caught in a propeller, the injury left it unable to eat.

Image Source: Green Energy Africa

Solar Gives Massai Women Power

18 June 2015

This story about Massai women in Kenya installing solar panels to replace wood and kerosene for energy is just as revolutionary as Tesla’s Powerwall and Solar Impulse 2’s attempt to make the first solar-powered flight.

Emoji Pin Code

*Thumbs Up* for Emoji PIN Codes

18 June 2015

Do you  emoji’s? Does  make you? If you answered yes to these questions, you’re going to love that British company, Intelligent Environments, has announced a cute and cryptographically far more secure alternative to the standard, four-digit PIN code currently used to log into online banking.


Why Run Google AdWords When You Have SEO?

18 June 2015

As the industry matures and costs-per-click rise, this question has come up again and again: why would you substantially invest into Google AdWords, if your website is successful in SEO? So when should you should reconsider?

Image source: Canva

Aussie Startup Attracts Guy Kawasaki

17 June 2015

Two million users in less than two years! Sydney-based startup Canva is a fast growing Australian company that’s making big waves. Images are everywhere; Google’s now offering free cloud storage but Aussie entrepreneur and Canva CEO, Melanie Perkins, plus her two co-founders have found opportunities closer to the ground.

Image source: Digital Trends

LG Unwraps ‘Wallpaper’ TV

12 June 2015

A TV that can peel off the wall and be mounted with magnets? Sign us up for one of those. At a Seoul trade show, LG has unveiled a prototype OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) TV that is so flexible, thin and light that it can be mounted to a wall using magnets.

Image source: University of Washington and Google Inc.

Amazing Time-Lapses from Old Photos

12 June 2015

Google and the University of Washington are turning old photos into amazing time-lapse videos. The project team has developed algorithms to ‘time-lapse mine’ millions of old photos, adjusting and stitching them together to create time-lapse videos.

WWDC 2015

11 Reasons We Can’t Wait to Update to iOS 9

12 June 2015

Apple’s WWDC just happened. Make it super easy on yourself and read our 11 coolest things that will make you want to update your Apple operating system. NB: Apologies to Android-ers, we’re not trying to convert you.

computer with colour overlay Google anaytics GA features wishlist laptop

Google Analytics Wishlist: Features We Would Like to See

10 June 2015

You all know that we love our Google Analytics. As a free tool that provides access to extensive data about our websites and apps, there is good reason why Google Analytics is the world’s leading product in its space. But there’s always room to optimise! Here’s a few ideas we had – are there any you would add?

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