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12 Highlights of 2014

It’s been an action-packed year for Loves Data and the digital analytics and online marketing community. We’ve seen some great updates from Google, made it on Google Maps, helped out some great Australian charities, and hosted fantastic events and training. To celebrate such a memorable year, we thought we would share our 12 highlights of…

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Top 8 tips for your business on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most creative social media outlets we have access to today. In our technologically dependent lives, imagery is becoming the quick and easy way to gather and scan for information. How can you stand out as a brand or business and make the most of this increasingly busy channel? Here are a…

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The Dark Side of Remarketing

Where do we draw the line between targeting and spying? Remarketing tends to bring out a lot of discussion around privacy and user experience. Nowhere was this highlighted better than a blog post by Brian Swichkow where he created a Facebook custom audience containing just one member: his roommate. What exactly are Facebook’s custom audiences?…

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