Website Accessibility – A Guide for SEO Specialists and Marketers

26 November 2015

Designing websites so they’re super accessible keeps the user in mind, plus, there are additional benefits for SEO and content searchability. We’ve put together 11 ways you can make your website accessible to users.

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Loves Data Blog | 18 Calculated Metrics for Google Analytics

18 Calculated Metrics for Google Analytics

5 November 2015

Calculated Metrics allow you to combine standard metrics to create your own super–amazing–shiny metrics inside Google Analytics.

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Google+ is here to stay | Loves Data Blog

New Focus for Google+

27 November 2015

You might have been forgiven for thinking that Google was looking to wind down Google+. Only a few months ago it announced the spin-off of some of Google+’s most popular features..

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Instagram Resources List | Loves Data

Instagram Resources

25 November 2015

Because we love you, we’ve created a list of our favourite Instagram resources, business tips and tools! In case you weren’t aware, the name ‘Instagram,’ was created to encourage users to upload posts instantly – instead of spending time curating posts.

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Facebook Introduces a New Tool for Nonprofits

Facebook’s New Tools for Nonprofits

24 November 2015

Every day someone, somewhere, is supporting a good cause, raising awareness or soliciting donations on Facebook. It’s a favourite place for organisations to engage with their audience

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Loves Data Loves on November 23

Loves Data Loves on November 23

23 November 2015

Here’s your weekly update on the world of tech and online. Take two minutes to reset yourself for the week ahead. YouTube is helping content creators reach a broader audience.

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Google and Facebook are working together to improve searches

Google and Facebook are Best Frienemies Now

20 November 2015

Ever since smartphones changed the way we access the Internet on a day to day basis, there's been an ongoing battle for our time, attention and advertising dollars on the new platform.

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Online privacy Loves data blog-feature

Online Privacy and Cookies

19 November 2015

Twenty-five years ago, the world’s first web servers began storing metadata in their log files, and the web analytics industry soon followed. But have things gone too far? With so much personal data being shared and tracked so widely, a good think about privacy online has never been so important.

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Designer, Cat Lovett chats about social media and Instagram with the Loves Data team

Designing Digital Career on Instagram

18 November 2015

When then textile design student, Cat Lovett, called by Loves Data’s office in August this year during a uni break, she was counting the days to completing her four-year honours degree at Massey University.

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Loves Data Loves on November 16

16 November 2015

Busy with projects due before end of year? Give us two minutes. We’ll bring you up to date with the latest in digital marketing!

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Happy 10th Birthday Google Analytics

13 November 2015

In 10 years the online world has changed somewhat and Google Analytics has grown and grown by leaps and bounds, sparklines and bounce rates. Here are 10 of our most beloved Google Analytics innovations

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