Ways to use content marketing and Google Analytics

7 Ways Google Analytics can Measure the Results of your Content

28 April 2016

We’ve put together a couple of our fave tips/tricks to measure your actions and results and consequently, gain valuable insights into content marketing.

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Machine Learning VS Digital Marketers | Loves Data

The Beautiful Relationship Between Machine Learning and Marketers

21 April 2016

Machine learning’s been around for a while and it’s recently burst into popularity as a result of Google’s AI beating a human at their own game of ‘Go’ with a highly unorthodox move. It’s one of those things that I’m both terrified and complacent about. As a particularly lazy human, it’s a saving grace at …

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6 awesome marketing tools for NFPs - Loves Data

6 Awesome Marketing Tools for Nonprofit Organisations

14 April 2016

Discover 6 excellent tools that are lending a helping hand to some very worthy causes, and assisting NFPs in their pursuit to engage via online marketing.

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Loves Data google knowledge feature image

How to use the Google Knowledge Graph to Stand Out in Search Engine Results

7 April 2016

The Google Knowledge Graph is pretty much a massive database, packed to the rafters with knowledge about a vast range of topics. It works to enhance people’s searching experience using semantic-search information from content-heavy authorities such as Wikipedia, CIA World Factbook and Freebase. This information is then displayed at the top of search engine results …

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A Beginners Guide to Google Tag Manager Environments

31 March 2016

For a very long time now, Google Tag Manager’s given us the ability to easily create and modify website tags in a matter of minutes and we love it.

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Instagram Algorithm Updates

Your Ultimate Guide to Instagram’s New Updates

30 March 2016

With 400 million registered users, over 40 billion photos shared and 3.5 billion daily likes Instagram is a force to be reckoned with. Their recent announcements about changes in timelines have social media all hot and bothered. If you’re freaking out – don’t. We’ve laid out the changes for you AND if you scroll to the bottom, …

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Self-Referrals and Cross-Domain Tracking in Google Analytics

18 March 2016

When your website spans across multiple domains or sub-domains, tracking in Google Analytics can be a challenge. Here's how you do it!

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Google Analytics 360 – Everything You Need to Know

17 March 2016

Google’s announced the next enterprise version of Google Analytics – the Analytics 360 Suite which will replace Google Analytics Premium and see the addition of new complementary products.

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Now That Google’s Removed Right Hand Side Ads from Search Engine Results Pages, How Should you react?

17 March 2016

There’s been a lot of discussion on the web about Google’s recent but not entirely unexpected removal of right hand Google AdWords ads in search results... Here's what you should know as the marketer.

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Google Analytics Glossary

The Ultimate Google Analytics Glossary

17 March 2016

If you’re new to the world of digital analytics, we know that getting to grips with the terminology can be daunting. To help you understand what it all means, and let you better get stuck into reporting on and analysing your data, we’ve put together this glossary of common terms. Add to your bookmarks and …

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