Leverage the Google Analytics APIs: using R

28 May 2015

Our specialist teams all have their particular favourite tools (and sometimes, they’re not Google-based!). Johann de Boer, our Digital Analytics Manager, is a fan-boy for all things R, a free, open-source statistical programming language. He‘s even developed an open source R package, ‘ganalytics’ that you can deploy with your own data.

Image source: Tesla Powerwall Launch Video

The Tesla Effect

27 May 2015

Freakonomics in its inimitable style explored the hidden side of why Norway, a cold climate country with a population of 5 million people, is the second biggest market for Tesla all-electric cars?

Image source: Tecmundo

3D Printer takes Skin Beyond Cosmetics

26 May 2015

L’Oréal, the world’s largest cosmetics company is partnering with bioprinting start-up Organovo to print episkin with a 3D printer. R&D is not new to L’Oréal, the company employs almost 4,000 scientists across 50 countries. L’Oréal wants to scale up the production of the episkin and do it outside a laboratory.

Image adapted from Google's Driveless Car.

California Dreaming – Driverless Cars!

26 May 2015

In another step towards turning traffic jams into default public transport via driverless cars, Google is testing its driverless bubbles on Californian roads. Google’s driverless Lexus SUVs have already driven more than a million miles with a few minor collisions along the way – all caused by human error.

Image source: PRI

Solar Shining Day & Night

22 May 2015

Tesla’s Powerwall is rewriting the renewable energy cycle and stealing the spotlight but it’s really only one in a growing series of technological advancements that have put solar at the forefront of the ongoing energy crisis. By investing heavily in research and the development of its Gigafactory in Nevada, Tesla is making a difference.


Aussie Businesses taking it to market on Instagram

21 May 2015

Social media marketing isn’t new – businesses of all forms and sizes have taken to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to join the conversation online. Brands post content daily, sometimes hourly, hoping to raise awareness, spread messages and reach new audiences with the products they sell or services they offer.


Early Success for Apple Medical ResearchKit

20 May 2015

Just eight weeks after being launched, Apple’s iPhone ResearchKit is producing benefits. Medical researchers, for example, have been able to sign up more than 11,000 volunteer participants for a cardiovascular disease study in one day. It used to take a year!

smart-samsung-SAMSONITE-LOVES-DATA-BLOG-994x729 (1)

Samsung and Samsonite to Develop Smart Luggage

19 May 2015

It’s rare that a tech announcement is met with a collective sigh of relief, but that is exactly what happened when we learned that Samsung and Samsonite are teaming up to give us smart luggage.

Solar panels image source: Apple

Apple Partners with WWF China

19 May 2015

Apple took another step in its goal to achieve net-zero impact on forests and the use of 100% renewable energy in its operations globally. Apple has announced it is partnering with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) China to sustain environmentally friendly plantation forests for pulp, paper and wood products on a massive scale in China.


2015 Analytics Conference Keynote Speaker announced: Jim Sterne

19 May 2015

This year, Loves Data is bringing the Godfather to Australia. Well, not The Don himself, but rather the other Don of web analytics: Jim Sterne, the Founding President and current chairman of the Digital Analytics Association.


Iris Scanning on Japanese Smartphones

18 May 2015

Japan’s NTT DoCoMo has unveiled iris scanning on its new smartphone to meet privacy and security issues as more and more apps and services such as shopping, payments, banking and salaries make their way onto our phones.


Meet ‘Lily’ the Selfie-Drone

16 May 2015

Check out Lily. She’s a cool, sweet looking selfie-drone. She’s been developed by Lily Robotics, a five-person company in Silicon Valley. She’s a waterproof go-anywhere lass who’ll follow you around taking photos and video.

Tracking in GA without cookies or JavaScript feature

Tracking in Google Analytics without cookies or JavaScript

15 May 2015

Google Analytics is used by around 60% of the top 100,000 websites, and we’re guessing that most of our blog readers are also users. That said, while having the technology used on your website is an essential step, the insights you glean from it are only as good as the data flowing in.


Learning Medicine with Google Glass

15 May 2015

In another marriage of medicine and technology, the University of Michigan Medical School is piloting a program using Google Glass to help learning outcomes for senior students.


Windows 10 Opens New Era

15 May 2015

It was announced at the Microsoft Ignite conference 2015 in Chicago late last week that future Windows updates will be more like those of apps and browsers with incremental updates in regular instalments.


Apple wants your DNA, so do Google, Amazon and IBM

14 May 2015

Tech giants already collect an astounding amount of data about us, from location and interests to friends and buying behaviour. Now, with an upsurge in wearables, whole new datasets are being captured on ‘number of steps’, ‘calories’, ‘heart rate’ etc. But are you ready to share your DNA?


Oculus Rift Shipping in Q1 2016

13 May 2015

The prototype debuted back in 2012 with subsequent versions funded through Kickstarter. Oculus Rift has been previously seen as targeting gamers. However, the company is now owned by Facebook so it’s unlikely to remain on the fringes for long.


Healthy Dose of Data

12 May 2015

One of our previous blog posts ‘Sharing your iPhone Health Data for Medical Research’ about Apple’s ResearchKit described how sensors in iPhones are being used to collect and share medical data on a range of medical conditions to improve treatments.


Autopilot Truck On Nevada Roads

9 May 2015

Daimler-Benz has been granted a license to test its self-driving trucks on public roads in Nevada, USA. While Tesla and Google have grabbed the headlines with their driverless car developments, economics and logistics have driven the transport industry faster.


Facebook Announces Instant News

7 May 2015

Facebook announced this week that it will start hosting articles from publishers, possibly as soon as this month. The new feature called ‘Instant Articles’ reportedly already has major media partners such as The New York Times and BuzzFeed.

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