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New Loves Data Resource: Conversion Testing White Paper

30 July 2015

Is your website converting as well as it could be and providing the best possible user experience? If you know the answer to this question, then gold star to your team!

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Pictured: Krista Seiden, Google Analytics Advocate

Two new Google speakers announced for the 2015 Analytics Conference

29 July 2015

We’re really excited to add two additional speakers from Google in the US: Krista Seiden, Google Product Manager and Analytics Advocate, as well as Mike Kwong, Senior Staff Software Engineer.

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Loves Data Loves on 3 August

3 August 2015

Didn’t have time last week to read all the tech marketing news? Not to worry, we’ve got the goods to get you up-to-date. Here’s your two-minute catch up.

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Facebook Updates Part 3: Optimise Your Posts

29 July 2015

In part 3 of our Facebook Updates series, we want to help you optimise your content and social strategy so that your users want to prioritise you within their news stream. Add value to content (use visuals) Taking the time to read a post is a significant investment by any user. Don’t make them feel …

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Facebook Updates Part 2: Prioritise Your News Feed

29 July 2015

The ability to prioritise your Facebook news feed is one of many recent changes Facebook has made recently. Others include: Instant Articles; voice and video calling; online payment; the hello app; and the soon to be revealed buy buttons and messenger for business.

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Facebook Updates Part 1: Impact on Your Business

29 July 2015

Facebook’s announcement that it’s giving us users more control over our news feed means we never need miss another update. By marking certain friends or pages as ‘priority,’ we can ensure posts from those sources are shown at the top of our news feed.

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5 Minutes with Analytics Conference Keynote Speaker, Jim Sterne

28 July 2015

Find out where it all began for the godfather of digital analytics, his top advice & who he shoots, shags and marries between Kaushik, Fishkin & Zuckerberg.

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Loves Data Loves on 27 July

27 July 2015

Didn’t have time last week to read all the tech marketing news? Not to worry, we’ve got the goods to get you up-to-date. Here’s your two-minute catch-up.

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Fast and Free Ways to Optimise Your Title Tags

24 July 2015

What is a title tag? MOZ says; Title tags are often used on search engine results pages (SERPs) to display preview snippets for a given page, and are important both for SEO and social sharing.

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The Long and Short of it – What’s the Best Length for Your Video?

23 July 2015

Video marketing. So hot right now. Videos are very effective at getting key messages to a target audience in a small amount of time (sorry, did you say maximum results at a minimum effort?). As a marketing channel, it’s renowned for engagement and conversion rates, but how do you get the most out of it?

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