Goal Abandonment Rate in Google Analytics Explained

So what is Goal Abandonment Rate in Google Analytics? And what do those numbers mean anyway?

The Goal Abandonment Rate report allows you to see what percent of people have commenced your defined conversion process, but have failed to convert on the goal. But how are those numbers calculated?

Total Percent of Goal Abandonment

The total percent is calculated as follows (for the currently selected time period):

[ ( Unique Goal Starts - Goal Completions ) / Unique Goal Starts ] X 100 = Total Goal Abandonment Rate

Percent of Goal Abandonment by Day

Starting from the right, the (68.75%) uses the same method of calculation, but each row is calculated by day. For example;

[ ( Day Unique Goal Starts - Day Goal Completions ) / Day Unique Goal Starts ] X 100 = Day Goal Abandonment Rate

Moving to the right, the 97.50% is a comparison of each days abandonment rate to the overall abandonment rate for the selected time period, calculated as follows;

Day Goal Abandonment Rate / Total Goal Abandonment Rate ] X 100 = Comparison Goal Abandonment Rate