Make Notes in Google Analytics with Annotations

Until the release of Annotations within Google Analytics you were probably referring to a calendar or spreadsheet to find out what caused certain spikes in traffic. Annotations solves this by allowing Google Analytics users to add notes to dates within Google Analytics reports.

Creating Annotations Within Google Analytics

1. Click the annotation toggle link below the graph within your Google Analytics profile.

2. Select the date for the annotation and click '+ create new annotation'.

3. Enter your note (up to 160 characters), select if you would like the note to be shared or private and click 'save'.

A shared annotation will be visible to all users who have access to the particular Google Analytics profile. A private annotation will only be visible to you.

Top 5 Events To Track Using Annotations:

  1. Email newsletters and email marketing campaigns
  2. Offline advertising launches (e.g. print, radio, TV)
  3. Marketing events or milestones (e.g. product launches)
  4. Website changes (e.g. interface design or promotional banner)
  5. Key calendar events (e.g. public holidays, Valentine's day)