Google AdWords Offer Extensions


Offer Extension has been replaced by

Google Offers


Special! Limited Time! Save! – Add special offers to your ads!

Google AdWords Offer Extensions allows you to highlight special offers and promotions on Google search results. Adding special offers can help provide the call-to-action and incentive needed to turn a uncommitted browser into a customer.



In order to use the new Offer Extension you will need upgrade to Enhanced Campaigns inside your AdWords account. Once you are on Enhanced Campaigns you will be able to navigate to 'Offer Extensions' under the 'Ad Extensions' tab within your campaign.

Creating a new offer is easy as filling out the details of the offer, the timing and also adding in the terms and conditions.



You can add multiple Offer Extensions at the campaign level and even add Offer Extensions at the Ad Group level too. You can even select a custom schedule for your new Offer Extensions if you only want the offer to be available during certain hours of the day.


Use Offer Extensions to test different offers and calls-to-action to see what gets the best results. You might also find that particular offers work best on particular days and even at particular times.

Once your offer is up and running on Google Search results it will take people to a Google-hosted offer page with the details that you provided. People can then either save the offer to view later or print it out.