Social Media Strategy for Businesses: Optimisation Checklist!



It seems the internet is littered with hundreds of 'top 5' or 'the best' social media tips. Well, use this post as a checklist of things you should be doing if you understand the importance of data-driven results.

Defined Strategy

You should at least have a broad social media strategy for your company and accompanying guidelines. But, have you narrowed down your strategy to target relevant audiences per social network?

Does each social platform serve a distinct purpose for your brand? For instance, do you use Twitter to answer customer service issues while you launch marketing campaigns on Facebook? Do you use Google+ to Hangout with your customers, use Pinterest to post images your audience wants to reshare or post 'around the office' photos on Instagram? Is YouTube your 'how to' or 'demo' channel?

Eye-Catching Content

Hopefully, you don't simply rehash posts from one social platform to another. Your most loyal followers are likely interacting on more than one social network.

As you would optimise a landing page, your social posts can be improved with simple rewording. Posts should include call-to-actions that engage the audience and encourage them to answer a question, share your post, or click the link for more information.

Content creation will vary from a YouTube tutorial video on making pasta for a restaurant to posting pictures of last night's party on Facebook at that same restaurant. Make your communication fun and engaging for your fans and plan content with an editorial calendar.

Data to Analyse

If you aren't already tagging campaigns, you are missing out on heaps of data and insight into visitor behaviour and interaction. Campaign tagging is essential to understanding the value of your social media marketing efforts by linking to analytics data.

Web analytics can help you track how effective your social campaigns are by showing a visitor's flow across social, your website and online advertisements. But to access this data, you need to campaign tag. Try our campaign tag generator here:


Do you analyse the effectiveness of campaign tagging and the interactions you receive online? Remember the objective of many social platforms is engaging your audience. Therefore, don't be surprised if the website traffic coming from social is low; that's not your focus. By interacting with your audience, you are doing vital public relations, hoping the customer remembers your brand when it comes time to using your product or service and recommends your brand to friends.

Brand Personality

It's not all about you on social media. This is perhaps the most overlooked aspect of social media. Unless you represent the coolest product or service in the world, chances are your audience won't want to see 'hard' or 'soft' marketing pitches all day on their streams. Therefore, you should have a personality on social media that is lighthearted and also reflects your brand.

Social Networking

"You share my links, I'll share yours." Developing social business relationships can be beneficial to both parties by cross-promoting original work. Who do you reach out to? Even if you are 'an industry expert' you can still follow and share other 'experts' to establish your credibility.

Hopefully, that's enough advice to get you started creating effective social media messages for your audience. Remember it's all about engaging with them!