Dynamic Remarketing - A Recipe for Conversion Success!

Some Aussie analytics fans might recall our Remarketing presentation at the 2012 Google Analytics User Conference in Sydney, where we introduced the newly-released approach to Remarketing, through Google Analytics. Google has now released an even more sophisticated integration, which delivers a more relevant Remarketing experience than ever before! With improved relevance, comes improved conversion rates so let’s take a look at Google’s new Remarketing recipe:

Ingredients (what you’ll need):

  • A Google Merchant Centre Account loaded with desirable products
  • A linked Google Analytics Account
  • A linked Google AdWords Account


The magic behind the dynamic Remarketing is the link between your customer’s ‘specific’ browsing history and your Remarketing campaigns. This delivers Remarketing at a completely individual level, essentially creating a unique ‘shopping list’ for your customer that features specific products they were considering during their visit and potentially other products deemed relevant to the visit. E.g.

Dynamic Remarketing_Loves Data

Dynamic Remarketing_Loves Data

The key to this integration is first capturing these customers via your Google Analytics Remarketing lists, so make sure you have these set up! For more information and tips on creating the smart Remarketing lists, you can check out our blog post: Segmented Google Analytics Remarketing Lists.

Once you have these lists configured you are ready for setup!

Instructions for Dynamic Remarketing Setup:

1. Update your website tags with either custom variables or custom dimensions to include the required product information. E.g. Product ID, Total Value and Page Type. As users are browsing your site, this will capture the information about the products they viewed in a format that’s usable by your Remarketing lists.

2. Enable Dynamic Attribute Linking in your Google Analytics Account under Admin -> Chosen Property -> Remarketing -> Dynamic Attributes. This will then make the captured data available for Google AdWords to build dynamic lists from.

3. And finally, over in your AdWords Account, create a new Dynamic Remarketing Display Campaign in AdWords. Detailed post to follow, but for now more information on the campaign creation can be found within this handy post in the Google Help Centre.

4. Let each Remarketing list run until they fill with the minimum visitors and away your campaigns go!


Dynamic Remarketing_Loves Data 2

Dynamic Remarketing_Loves Data 2

With your Google Merchant Centre, Analytics and AdWords accounts linked, you can remarket to your customers with products specifically related to their visit:

Google reports that so far, their clients who have implemented Dynamic Remarketing via the Display Network have witnessed increased Click-through Rates (CTRs) of up to 450%, presumably a result of the significantly enhanced relevance and targeting. The added functionality around showing ‘related’ products to customers as well as ones already viewed, also opens the door to better results in cross-sell and up-sell efforts.

Have you noticed any new dynamic retargeting ads around the display network that convinced or reminded you to purchase? We’d love to hear about them and see some examples of stand out applications of this tool, so please send them through to info@lovesdata.com! Thanks to Dan Stone for the blog post inspiration - you can follow him on Twitter here.