New! Google Tag Assistant Recordings


When a new client comes to Loves Data needing help with their Google Analytics we draw on Google’s credo:  ‘your data is only as good as your implementation.' Enter Google Tag Assistant not to be confused with Google Tag Manager (GTM). Google Tag Assistant helps with the implementation and management of various tracking tags. Whereas GTM allows for the advanced customisation of the Google Analytics tool. Google Tag Assistant is a tag checking Chrome extension.

We use Google Tag Assistant to help technical and non-technical members of our team to do quick check ups on new sites and tag implementations. So we were very excited to hear Google Analytics announce Google Tag Assistant Recordings.

With Google Tag Assistant Recordings, rather than seeing the online world separated into pages and domains, you have a pathway view which allows you to review your tags and tracking across a user-journey, including pages off-site or dynamically constructed.

The resulting report will have two parts. Firstly the Tag Assistant report will show all the tags that were fired on all the pages visited during the recording session. This includes Google tags as well as third-party (non-Google) tags that may contain or manage Google tags.

Secondly, the Google Analytics report will show how the recorded data would look when processed by Google Analytics with current configurations, allowing you to verify your implementation, and that each tag is firing and being recorded into Google Analytics.

Since Google Analytics Tag Assistant Recordings allows you to save a recording for later analysis, you can make any changes to your Google Analytics account configuration and see the effects of those changes by running the recording against the new configuration. There’s no need to repeat the recording. You have real-time validation at your fingertips!